Electronics Components Suppliers

MOTHERTEX was established in 2008 , located in Coimbatore , Tamilnadu , India . We are one of the best Electronics Components Supplier in India . We can  supply all kinds of Electronics Components like , Transistor Modules , Thyristor Modules , ICs ,Capacitors , Resistors , Potentio meters , Opto couplers . Relays , Transformers , DC-DC Converters , SMPS Power supplies , Current Transformers ( CT ) , Hybrid ICs , Soldering & Desoldering Station , Soldering Accessories & PCB Repairing Lab Equipments etc..  in all brands .

We can also able to supply outdated Electronics Components which are not available in the market .  Our vision is to supply / export   high  quality Electronics Components  to the  Textile Industries  such as Spinning , Weaving , Dyeing & Knitting Industries  in India & Overseas .

MOTHERTEX  has been devoted into the Electronic components supply chain and developed good  relationship with several customers in different countries . Mothertex make sure that there is no compromise on quality . We offer 2 years of warranty for maximum of  and also deliver  parts  in time   .

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